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Let’s not beat about the bush – there’s a childhood obesity crisis in the UK and it’s not getting any better. More than one in three children are now leaving primary school overweight or obese and the problem is worse for those living in deprivation. Obesity not only costs the NHS £6.1 Billion – yes, BILLION – per year, it has real, drastic effects on children’s life chances. The hard fact is that obese children are far more likely to suffer…

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News from the Playing Out Movement

Daniella posted this in News on 29/06/2018

Welcome to our summer newsletter! We hope you’ll find something to inspire you. Playing Out is supporting a…

My street still rocks!

Clare Rogers posted this in Childhood, Community, Cycling, Free Play, Playing Out on 30/04/2018

It’s been a miserable winter for our monthly play street sessions, with a couple cancelled due to the…

Playing Out and Growing Up: The Benefits of Freedom

Ingrid Skeels posted this in Activism, Childhood, Free Play, Freedom on 20/03/2018

If you’re the parent of a young child, I’ve got things to tell you now I’m out the…

Why can’t children just go to the park?

Alice Ferguson posted this in Childhood, Environment, Freedom, Independent Mobility, Parenting, Play Streets, Playing Out, Traffic on 15/02/2018

“Why can’t children just go to the park instead of playing in the street?” is a question that…

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