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Conversations with Neighbours

Alice posted this in Community, Neighbourliness, Playing Out on 18/06/2014

I have lived in my street for nine years – a terraced Bristol street of 30 houses –…

Getting Started: How to Help Children Play Out Where You Live

Alice posted this in Community, Neighbourliness, Playing Out on 04/06/2014

I hear from residents wanting to make their street more of a place for play and social interaction…

The Place I Call Home Spills Into The Street

Amy posted this in Community, Events, Neighbourliness, Practical suggestions on 27/01/2014

Want to feel more at home beyond the walls of your flat or house? Want children to play out…

A 1972 View of Dutch Play Streets

Alice posted this in Childhood, Community, Free Play, Neighbourliness on 12/12/2013

A tweet this morning from a Playing Out supporter (thanks @mum_on_bike!) shared a link to a unique, incredibly…

Project Wild Thing

Ingrid posted this in Childhood, Free Play, Media and Links, Nature on 06/11/2013

Project Wild Thing is a new documentary following a father’s mission to get his children outdoors and away…

Playing Out on BBC Radio Four You and Yours

Ingrid posted this in Free Play, Media and Links, Neighbourliness, Playing Out on 01/10/2013

The voices of children, parents and organisers in Clift Road, Bristol were included in a great piece about…

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