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How can I change things?

If you want children to have more freedom to play out, there are lots of ways to get involved.

In these How? pages and in our Blog, we bring together lots of information and advice that we and other people have collected over the years to help make playing out as easy as possible. Just start with what interests and feels right for you…

Small and personal actions

Sitting on your front step with your children and saying hello to people who pass, chalking some pictures together on the pavement, or even just starting to think differently about your street and imagine how children might play in it are all simple starting points. Have a look at our Easy and Effortless Things for suggestions. In our experience, these small, personal thoughts and actions are often the most powerful, and they’re a really good place to begin if life’s too busy or you don’t feel like organising anything.

Organise playing out sessions where you live

Then there are bigger, group actions, like working with neighbours to regularly restrict traffic and open up your street for play. These sessions are great for children, parents and neighbours of all ages.  They’re also a good step towards normalising outdoor play where you live. See Playing Out in 4 Simple Steps and watch our film of how children and families did it in south Bristol and how Playing Out began.  To help make it as easy as possible, we’ve put loads of materials and resources in Useful Stuff that you can download and use wherever you live.

Help children everywhere to play out more…

Over the years we’ve seen that thinking differently about your street, helping children to play out, or opening your street for play, are all having a bigger effect, rippling outwards to inspire other people, streets, neighbourhoods and cities.  A similar effect is also happening on-line.  And everything – from tiny thoughts to bigger action – is starting to help make our culture more supportive of children and their freedom to play out.

We’re very excited by all this change and are working with others to help it grow. We’d love your ideas, thoughts, photos, stories and feedback so we can better support and inspire others, so do get in contact. The main way we can keep you in touch with everything is through our blog, so have a look through past posts and sign up if you’re interested.