Questions arise

Every Monday afternoon during term-time (steward availability and weather depending) we are now regularly playing out on Greville Road, thanks to our Temporary Play Street Order. It's been an interesting exercise doing this right through the winter, with some ups and downs including one day when there were four adults standing out in the freezing cold with one child playing in the street (the rest had sensibly retreated to their own or each others' houses!). Many might question the value of such an exercise, but in some ways this is what it's all about. We are trying something new and it's bringing out stuff that might otherwise have been happily left sitting under the surface. Right now, for example, I'm inside listening to kids on my street playing football (it's a Monday afternoon and I'm inside with a cold!) and they are being drowned out by a car alarm which regularly goes off on our street. Yet some people have objected to this project on the grounds that it will spoil their 'peace and quiet'. Why is it we tolerate one kind of noise and not another? Why do some drivers get so very irate at the idea of having to drive at walking pace for a few meters, or having to take a slightly different route, as though their rights are being infringed? Why don't we get more irate at the fact that our children can't safely play outside their homes or walk to school on their own? I feel the fact that these questions have come up is a validation of this project - it shows that assumptions are being challenged. In a nice and neighbourly fashion, of course! (Alice).