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To make life and playing out as simple as possible, we’ve put all the letters, posters, guides and other materials that we’ve created and used here for you to download and use.


Playing Out manual

01/05/14 - .624mb

A step-by step guide to getting playing out going where you live.

Editable playing out poster

18/02/14 - 0.676mb

Poster to advertise playing out sessions times. Add you own times and dates or other details.

Template risk assessment

09/05/14 - 1mb

A risk assessment is recommended before closing your street. This table is a starting point to help you think about the potential pitfalls.

Steward sign up sheet

09/05/14 - 2mb

To help ensure you have enough stewards for each session.

Meeting invitation

09/05/14 - 0.65mb

An editable invite to ask your neighbours to meet to chat about playing out

Confirmation flyer

09/05/14 - .692mb

A reminder of dates and times for your neighbours once you are set and ready to play out

Bristol Consultation Letter

01/05/14 - 0.104mb

The template letter that residents in Bristol must use when applying for a TPSO - editable and two per page to save on printing

Consultation letter

09/05/14 - 0.68mb

A letter template for writing to your neighbours about proposed playing out sessions if you council doesn't provide a standard one. If you are in Bristol don't use this letter, use the Bristol one.

Friendly cover letter

13/05/14 - 0.133mb

A more informal note that you can use alongside a more formal consultation letter when applying for a street closure.

Car notice template

09/05/14 - 0.11mb

A simple notice letting drivers know that playing out will be happening - for streets that would like to ask drivers to move their cars for the street closure.

Stewards' briefing

09/05/14 - 0.4mb

A handy sized print out of the key information for anyone stewarding at a playing out session

A4 steward briefing

10/12/14 - 0.8mb

An A4 version of the steward briefing - useful for explaining the role of a steward before a playing out session

Playing out leaflet

10/12/14 - 0.185mb

A leaflet detailing what playing out sessions are and 10 good reasons for street play. Useful to give to neighbours when planning or passersby intereseted in a playing out session.

Playing Out leaflet translations

Leaflets which explain the idea of playing out sessions in Arabic and Polish.  If there are other languages you would find useful, or you could translate into another language, please get in touch with us via

Reminder letter

01/01/70 - 0.24mb

A letter to remind residents about responsibilities once playing out sessions have been happening for a while.

Playing Out logo and information

01/01/70 - 0.82mb

A Playing Out colour logo for residents to use with guidance about how to use it

The Little Book of Playing Out

14/09/16 - 0.06mb

A booklet of fun ideas, recipes and games to help your playing out sessions run smoothly. Written by Bristol Playing Out activators Jo Chesterman and Kate Staniforth.

Bristol City Council Application form for a Temporary play street order

Use this form from the Bristol Council website is you want to apply for regular street closures in Bristol.  For applications for other local authorities visit our local authority directory to find the correct form.