Make your street a place to play


Do you want children to be able to play freely outside their own front door?

We are a parent and resident led movement restoring children’s freedom to play out in the streets and spaces where they live, for their health, happiness and sense of belonging. Here you’ll find all you need to start regular play streets as well as other actions to spark change where you live. Also ideas, stories and inspiration gathered from people around the UK and beyond.

Play streets

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play street

“It’s changed our lives”: how playing out helped my children, my neighbours and me

Emma first got interested in play streets seven years ago. Since then, with help and advice…

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A small child holds up a homemade sign saying 'Safe Streets Now'

We need a plan for children, not motorists

“We are not a nation of motorists, we’re a nation of families”. These words were spoken…

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