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What we offer

Ideas, advice and support for parents, residents, councils and organisations across the UK

Play street

For parents and residents:

Phone and email advice service. We’re here to help! Call us on 0117 953 7167, Monday-Friday, 9-5pm (or leave a message and we’ll call you back), send us an email or contact us via Facebook.

Online guidance. For those wanting to organise playing out sessions on their street, we have videos, a step-by-step manual and lots of other Useful Stuff. Please also browse to find what you need, and contact us if you can’t find it or need any further advice or support.

A UK-wide supportive network. We aim to connect active residents at local and national levels. Have a look at our map and see what is happening near you or join the national Facebook Group.

For councils and other organisations:

Playing Out helps local authorities and play and community organisations support resident-led street play. We have a Local Authority homepage, “Street Play, how can councils support it?” with links to helpful evidence, information, guidance and case studies. It is all designed to enable local authorities use best practice to put street play policies in place and to sustain resident-led action.  We can also provide a local authority toolkit, bespoke leaflets, and workshops. Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing any of these.

Working together as a movement for change:

We want to help bring about bigger change for children around their need and right to play out in the streets and spaces where they live and to belong in their own communities. If you’re interested, we offer lots of ways you can join with us to help bring this about…

What can I do?

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