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Bringing creativity and humour to streets

Alice posted this in Community on 23/09/2015

Powerful imagination has always been at the heart of changing streets and making them places for play and…

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A Year in the Life of Our Playing Out Street

Kate Staniforth posted this in Community on 23/07/2015

This week our street celebrated a year of playing out, and it got me thinking about how far…

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Policing the streets and playing out

Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands posted this in Community on 29/05/2015

Close to 100 streets in Bristol have now played out since the idea took root, and residents in…

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Easton: Getting to Know a Neighbourhood

Angela Smith posted this in Community on 13/02/2015

Angela Smith lives in Easton in Bristol and works freelance for Playing Out supporting residents to think about…

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Blenders, babysitters and burglars! – connecting neighbours in unexpected ways

Claudia posted this in Community on 02/07/2014

Another Saturday night in. The Voice is on. My excitable kids are resisting bedtime. But mum and dad…

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Conversations with Neighbours

Alice posted this in Community on 18/06/2014

I have lived in my street for nine years – a terraced Bristol street of 30 houses –…

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