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Blenders, babysitters and burglars! – connecting neighbours in unexpected ways

Claudia posted this in Community on 02/07/2014

Another Saturday night in. The Voice is on. My excitable kids are resisting bedtime. But mum and dad…

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Conversations with Neighbours

Alice posted this in Community on 18/06/2014

I have lived in my street for nine years – a terraced Bristol street of 30 houses –…

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The Place I Call Home Spills Into The Street

Alice posted this in Community on 27/01/2014

Want to feel more at home beyond the walls of your flat or house? Want children to play out…

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Play street in the rain
Playing Out Makes My Street a Friendlier Place

Alice posted this in Community, Play Streets on 01/05/2013

When my two girls were toddlers I felt I knew the landscape of my street and my neighbours’…

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Easy and Effortless Things to Improve Neighbourliness

Alice posted this in Community on 01/03/2013

How many of your neighbours do you say hello to when passing them on the street? How many…

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