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The Place I Call Home Spills Into The Street

posted this in Community on 27/01/2014

Want to feel more at home beyond the walls of your flat or house? Want children to play out where you live?  ‘The Place I Call Home Spills Into The Street’ is a community arts adventure for people living in Easton and Ashley wards in Bristol. It is about taking small, gentle steps towards making these yearnings a reality. It starts with a knock on your front door…

We have found that ‘starting close in’–doing things that feel easy and effortless—on the doorstep and out the front of the house can affect how we feel about our surroundings. We know that growing flowers, chalking, greeting a neighbour, and other tiny actions can inspire visible and practical changes in the street.

But what would happen if a group of people did these, or similar tiny things yet to be imagined, each outside their own homes, but within the same area of the city over the same period of time? Can a ripple change the tide?  Artists Amy Rose and Jenny Sanderson want you to join them on an expedition that explores these questions and more.

Taking part in this Bristol project involves:

  • Starting and finishing at your own home, Amy or Jenny will call round for you to come out with them and other participants for a walking and talking expedition in your area on Sunday 9 February 10-12.30 (Easton) and 2-4:30 (Ashley). Please let us know if you have any mobility or access needs and the ages of any children attending with you upon registration.
  • Doing 5 simple, 15 minute tasks over the week of 10 February, 2014. (These will be developed together during the expedition.)
  • Sharing your actions and their outcomes with others in agreed ways.

As a participant, you can expect to:


  • Learn more about the background for the project, Playing Out and other kinds of ‘street re-claiming’.
  • Have a gentle adventure with others living in your area.
  • Imagine and develop, with other participants, a range of simple doorstep and street-based tasks and try some of them out.
  • Learn ways of documenting and sharing outcomes.
  • Be given a kit of simple materials with which to do the tasks.
  • Receive practical support and motivation throughout the project.
  • Be credited for your work as artist/contributors
  • See your street in new light!
  • If you have any questions or want to sign up, please email [email protected] There will be a maximum of 5 households for each expedition.  Please register by Thursday 6 February, 2014.

If you are interested but the dates are not good for you, please let us know, as this project may run again in the future.


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