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Do we love cars more than children?

Alice posted this in Childhood, Community, Free Play, Traffic on 06/09/2013

I had thought about writing an article linking the recent ‘news’ that children in the UK are stuck…

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Playing Out on BBC’s The One Show

Alice posted this in Free Play, Media and Links, Playing Out on 24/06/2013

Hello! If you have come to us because of coverage from The One Show, welcome! Please have a…

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Easy and Effortless Things to Improve Neighbourliness

Alice posted this in Community, Free Play, Neighbourliness, Practical suggestions on 01/03/2013

How many of your neighbours do you say hello to when passing them on the street? How many…

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Why A More Natural Childhood Matters

Ingrid posted this in Childhood, Free Play, Nature on 01/01/2013

“Close your eyes and think of your best play memory when you were a child…” We were asked…

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Playing Out and Peter Pan at the Bristol Old VIc

Alice posted this in Childhood, Community, Free Play, Neighbourliness on 01/12/2012

“On these magic shores children at play are for ever beaching their coracles. We too have been there;…

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Children’s Freedom Over the Decades

Ingrid posted this in Childhood, Community, Free Play, Playing Out on 01/10/2012

Cast your mind back to your childhood. Not the hours at school, the family outings or the organised…

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