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Ideas for pavement play

No First Name Set posted this in Children's play, health and wellbeing, Street Space on 31/07/2020

Need some inspiration for those long days at home in the summer ? Plenty of things require lots…

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Halloween: Reclaiming Streets and Building Community

Daniella posted this in Community, Street Space on 30/10/2018

Clocks have gone back, nights are drawing in, and the festival that children love will soon be here!…

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Why can’t children just go to the park?

Daniella posted this in Activism, Street Space on 15/02/2018

“Why can’t children just go to the park instead of playing in the street?” is a question that…

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Designing Streets for Play – Research and Observation

Alice posted this in Street Space on 01/03/2017

There’s a house on a corner near where I live in suburban Leeds that makes me happy nearly…

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A Restorative Approach to Road Sharing

Alice posted this in Street Space on 14/12/2016

The ‘talking stone’ lay inertly in my hand – a small grey pebble just like the dozens my…

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