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Playing Out CIC Board of Directors

We’re lucky to have the following non-executive directors to help guide our work, act as critical friends and advocate for Playing Out:


Professor Antonia Layard - Law

Antonia Layard is a Professor of Law at the University of Bristol. She teaches and researches property law and public space and has a particular interest in how we might be able to develop legal concepts of place.

Taylor Brown - Strategy

Taylor Brown is Director and Senior Governance Specialist at Palladium, a global consulting company specialising in international development, strategy consulting and impact investment. Taylor is focused on fostering collaboration between government, civil society and private sector actors to support public policy reform and social change. His street has been successfully playing out for the past five years.

Zoe Gross-Banks - Community

Zoe spent 15 years working in the US, Germany and in the UK as an environmental scientist before she got involved in the community sector in Bristol in 2013. She founded East Bristol Kidical Mass, carried out extensive community energy engagement activities, has been teaching women to cycle, and coordinates Playing Out on her street since 2014. She’s passionate about social justice, health and sustainability and how these intersect. Her “day job” is at Knowle West Media Centre. Her work focuses at the grass roots level to empower people to take action about their home, street or neighbourhood.

Adrian Voce - Play

Adrian is an Associate Director (not a legal Director), advising on play. Adrian is a writer, consultant and policy advocate for children’s right to play. He is the current President of the European Network for Child Friendly Cities. Previously, he was the first director of London Play (1998-2004) and Play England (2006-11). He also served as chair and then director of the Children’s Play Council (2003-6). He was the key advisor and led the support programme for the UK government’s play strategy for England (2008-11). He is the author of Policy for Play (2015, Policy Press) and in 2011 was awarded the OBE for services to children.

We also have a wider group of people who act as ‘expert friends’ to Playing Out and funders and partners who support us. You can read more about Playing Out in our About section.