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Playing Out and COVID-19

Welcome to these pages, created in response to this changing and challenging situation, not least for parents and children.

We hope you are coping OK. At Playing Out, our focus is always on children’s wellbeing, rights and freedom, and also on neighbourliness and rethinking streets. Our work is also very much about ‘doing’: how can we all make a difference in our own home patches? How together can we help bigger positive change come about for children?

In these regularly updated pages we bring together guidance, useful information, and good ideas and suggestions from all around our network. We also offer an on-line training programme for professionals, activists and parents/residents who want to make change happen.

Outdoor play and activity

Play streets and Covid-19

Connecting with neighbours

Webinar programme

Games and activities for physical distancing

Our small team is working from home and continuing to support useful work in these areas, and all of you where we can. We would love to hear from you with any questions, thoughts or ideas. Do please get in touch by email or phone (you can leave a message) or via our Facebook group – a safe, friendly and supportive community of almost 2,000 parents/activists from across the country.

Info on play streets during Covid-19

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