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Here’s some useful information to help you find what you’re looking for on this website:

Do you have any worries or doubts about playing out?

Possible Concerns covers some of the challenges, complexities and tensions relating to street play.

Why? explores some of the benefits that playing out has for children and communities.

FAQs will answer some of the most asked questions about how to get playing out sessions happening on your street.

Contact us to discuss these or any other concerns.

Are you looking for inspiration and motivation about playing out?

Inspiration and Ideas is a collection of books, films, talks, creative projects and more about the growing international street play movement.

Why? provides more researched opinions and background information.

The Playing Out Twitter feed, Facebook group, and Blog offer up to the minute discussions, ideas, comments, stories and opinions from parents, residents, Playing Out and other individuals and organisations who are all helping children to play out more. These are great places to hear what others are doing and thinking and to add your voice to the conversation. Read more and sign up to them here.

Do you need practical advice and support to help children play out where you live?

Easy and Effortless Things gives suggestions for how to start changing your relationship with your street and play in small ways.

Playing Out in 4 Simple Steps gives an overview of how to get on and organise a playing out session in your street.

Useful stuff is full of helpful things to download, read and use at home.

Helpful Kit and kit to order is just that…

If you join our Facebook group and/or sign up to our Blog, you’ll regularly hear about what others are doing, what works and doesn’t work, and you’ll get the best information to help children play out.

Want to share and link up with others who are interested in playing out?

Near You lets you use the map to find out what’s happening in your area and if there’s anyone local you can contact.

The Local Authority Directory is a good way to look up areas of the country where lots is happening around street play, just to see what others are doing.

Our Facebook group is a great way to interact and share with others on-line.  Many areas have their own local Playing Out Facebook groups too.

The Playing Out Blog writes up the best advice and information we can glean from other people via Facebook, phone calls, conversations and anywhere else, so if you don’t use social media, our Blog can make sure you don’t miss the important sharing that is happening. Sign up here.

We can also help put you in touch with others or support you to start something where you live – just get in touch.

Looking for information on behalf of an organisation?

Information for Local Authorities and Play and Community Organisations give help and advice specifically for these.

The Local Authority Directory is useful to look up your area or any other area in the country to see what they are doing around street play. You can choose to look at all the most active areas if you are interested.

Playing Out in the Media gives useful information for journalists and media professionals.

Can’t find what you need?

Please call or email us and we’ll help in any way we can.

What can I do?

What can I do?