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Playing Out Hertfordshire

Make your street a place to play

Do you ever wish your children could play out like you used to? Remember riding up and down the street on your bike or sitting on the front wall with a group of friends? Small groups of kids, brothers & sisters of all ages, playing together – “playing out”…

In our modern world, our children don’t get the opportunity to do this like we did. But you could change that.

Playing Out Schemes in Hertfordshire

Some Hertfordshire parents have joined together to work with their local authorities to make Playing Out schemes possible in our county, mirroring schemes already in place across the UK. A scheme involves the residents of a street working together and deciding as a community to apply to close their own road to through traffic on a regular basis – perhaps one Sunday afternoon a month – to allow children to play out in the street.

Playing Out is now available to residents of St Albans City & District Council. Visit their website at www.sustainablestalbans.org/playingout.

Playing Out in Hertfordshire

Read More then get in touch

If you live in Hertfordshire and would like to know more about how to do this (or allay any concerns), please visit the other pages on this site for the full story and then contact [email protected] to register your interest in or support for Hertfordshire Playing Out. Activators at Playing Out Herts are really keen to hear from other interested streets in the county. We would eventually hope to roll out Playing Out across all local authorities in Hertfordshire.

Start with a Street Party!

Don’t know anyone on your street and don’t know where to start? Why not organise a street party, perhaps a Big Lunch or Great Get Together. Just a few neighbours or the whole street for a party – it’s up to you! But, chances are, it will help you and your children make friends with local people and it will give you an opportunity to discuss the idea of a Playing Out Scheme. For help in organising a street party in Hertfordshire, including template answers for your application form, please visit local Hertfordshire volunteer group Our Street Party.