Play Streets & Coronavirus

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If you want children to have more freedom to play out, there are lots of ways to get involved.

In these How? pages and in our Blog, we bring together information and advice that we and other people have collected over the years to help make playing out as easy as possible. Small, personal actions are a good start if you don’t have much time and can be very powerful. We suggest some on your street in Easy and Effortless Things.

If however you want to get together with others to organise formal playing out sessions on your street or space close to home, then go to Playing Out in Four Simple Steps. We include short films so you can hear directly from Bristol residents who have already done this. Our FAQ page should answer any questions you might have (if not, just let us know). Useful Stuff gives free on-line materials and resources that you can use to help organise playing out sessions where you live and the Helpful Kit  page outlines some practical resources.

Over the years we’ve seen that thinking differently about your street, helping children to play out, or opening your street for play, are all having a bigger effect, rippling outwards to inspire other people, streets, neighbourhoods and cities.  A similar effect is also happening on-line.  And everything – from tiny thoughts to bigger action – is starting to help make our culture more supportive of children and their freedom to play out. We’re very excited by all this change and hope you will join us.

What can I do?

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