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Playing Out Activator Day 2019

Are you passionate about children’s right to play out in the streets where they live? 

Would you like to get more involved and change things for children? Would you like to be part of the growing movement and meet other street play enthusiasts? Have you set up a group to promote street play in your area, or are you thinking about it? If you’re a parent, resident, community activator or activist interested in street play, we can help you. Come and join us at the 6th annual Playing Out Activator Day in Birmingham on 30th March.

Feedback from past events:

“It was fantastic to meet/re-connect with you all. It reminded me of the impact Playing Out first had on me all those years ago, and I’m so impressed to see your continuing impact all over the country.”  Clare Rogers

“Thank you for an inspirational day yesterday and for all your hard work and care creating such an excellent event.” Graham Jones

“Fantastic to meet street play enthusiasts from across the country and I also greatly valued the wider context which Alice and Adrian presented so effectively.” Rowena Kenny

Click here for more information and to book your ticket!

This year we are asking for £10 to cover the cost of the day and lunch, but if this and/or travel costs are a problem we can help cover them so please don’t let this be a barrier to joining us. Contact for information.

If you’re interested in other ways that you can take action, big or small, click here and if you would like to see how other residents are doing it, please join our Facebook group.