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What Can I Do?

Become part of the movement supporting children’s right to play out

Take personal action

Small actions can have a big impact. For example, giving your child some chalk to draw on the pavement outside whilst you have a cuppa…

Open your street for play

Get together with neighbours to organise regular street play  sessions and radically change your street community.

Connect with others across across the UK and beyond

There is a growing street play community of parents and residents wanting to change things for children. Join our Facebook group here.

School play street
School play streets

School play streets are an adaptation of our play street model; short temporary road closures outside a school gate at the start and end of the school day, with volunteer stewards looking after the closure points.

Stay informed and inspired

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Show your support for our mission!

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Spread the word: tell, send, share anything that speaks to you

Encouraging people to think differently is the key to creating change for children.

Want to find out more before you know if you want to do anything? Have a look at our Why pages to learn more about the benefits of playing out. Go to our Blog to explore all kinds of opinions, news and experiences relating to children playing out more. Or see our Inspiration and Ideas pages to browse books, films, talks and the work of other organisations.

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