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Chalk Challenge – Infant school pupils get chalktastic!

by Jo Chesterman, Local resident area activator in St George, Bristol

Part of promoting Playing Out in my local area is to get people to think differently about the space outside their front door. I approached our local infant school with a few ideas. They were very welcoming and supportive, and I came up with the idea of the Chalk Challenge.

All 270 pupils were sent home with a chunky piece of chalk, and the challenge to draw a picture on the pavement and send in a photo of it. This led to lots of talk in the playground – and even got people playing out in their streets. One parent said, “We had a great time playing hopscotch outside and had the occasional neighbour joining in!”

It was really hard to judge as all 34 entries were great (and the “challenge” was really to make a mark in a public space, rather than produce a great work of art!)  but the six children who won were really chuffed. I hope this project has sparked some new ideas for everyone who took part – and inspires chalk challenges or other creative projects around the country.

You can see the winning pictures, and all the other fantastic entries below (we are unable to publish photos of children without parental consent, so there are a few missing).