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Interesting and inspiring films – by us and others – about playing out and making use of shared public space:

The Playing Out Film

A short introduction to playing out.

Watch here

four children in the street
Time to play out!

A lovely inspiring film about the many benefits and joys of playing out, made for us by a young filmmaker who grew up on a play street.

Watch here

Lego film of play streets
Playing Out in Lego

A brilliant short film made by Elijah (age 13) in Bristol, bringing the idea of a Playing Out session to life in Lego (and then to life again in real film). A wonderful promotion of our work with creativity and hard work going into both the film and the construction. Inspiring! Watch here

Hackney Play Streets

A wonderful heart-warming film about Hackney Play Streets made by Hackney Council and Hackney Play Association and produced by Mother Brown Films. The film features children, parents, carers, stewards, teachers and drivers and shows the benefits of playing out in the street spaces across the borough. Watch here

Stories From The Street - a short documentary by children in a south Bristol street

Children in a playing out street in south Bristol became astute interviewers during their summer street party in 2014. They asked some interesting questions of the adult residents to understand better what it was like when they were growing up. Watch here

Playing out in the snow, Hackney

A wintry scene in Hackney, North London, as Winston Road holds a playing out session in the snow. Watch here

Liveable Streets

Revisiting Donald Appleyard’s Liveable Streets. Watch here

A 1972 View of Dutch Play Streets

Children living in the Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp fight for a play street without cars in 1972. Watch here You can read our blog piece on it here.

Playing Out pilot, Newcastle

Great to see what residents in Newcastle are doing to make their streets more playable. Watch here

BCC Creative Seed Film

How Bristol City Council funded a project for an artist to get people thinking how their streets could be different for play… Watch here

Bounce Skate Play

Made by children from the ‘Ashton Gate Documenters’ group, south Bristol, led by artist Kamina Walton, this film explores children’s feelings and ideas about play. Watch here

Playing Out in Birmingham on national Play Day 2013

Three streets in Kings Heath in Birmingham closed their road for the afternoon on national Play Day 2013. You can watch a short film about it here

Spreading the word about Playing Out

Young filmmaker Ewan French made this film about Playing Out on his street in Bristol.

The Sunday Times 4th August 2017

This film was made to accompany the 2017 Sunday Times article about the impact and national spread of the playing out movement.


The Sad Reality

Children from Room 13’s film about safer streets

In this 1950 Disney animation, Goofy shows how not to drive safely. It was awarded the Buyer Trophy for the best film on Road Safety

Free the Kids

Who gets more free time outside? Kids or high-security prisoners? This Persil ad shows how far children’s freedom has been eroded.

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