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The movement for children’s freedom to play out is growing. Here are just some of the other organisations, projects, networks and campaigns working towards this in different ways. Enjoy!


Playday UK – National day to raise awareness about the importance of play, including street play.

Play England – Useful briefings and publications on street play.

Play Wales – Working to establish resident-led street play across Wales.

London Play – Campaigning for Play Streets in the capital since 2010.

Hackney Play Association – Supporting street communities to play out across the borough, led by a local resident activator.

Sustrans – Working to make streets more liveable and enable children to walk and cycle safely.

Living Streets – Campaigning for more liveable streets and for children’s right to walk and cycle safely.

The Big Lunch – Building stronger, more connected communities through supporting street parties and other grassroots activity.

Save Childhood Movement (UK) Collaborative network bringing together individuals and organisations concerned about the erosion of childhood and the pressures on children.

20’s Plenty for Us – Grassroots campaign for slower speeds in residential streets across the UK.

The Wild Network – Campaign and network that aims to reconnect children with nature and the outdoors.

Rethinking Childhood Tim Gill is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on childhood (and one of our expert friends)

Roadwitch Creative street reclamation and re-purposing by artist resident Ted Dewan.



Philadelphia (USA) Play Streets are a common sight in the summer months.

San Fransisco (USA) have launched a 2 year pilot project, you can find out more about it here.

Open Streets Cape Town (South Africa) Campaigns, temporary interventions, dialogue and actions that spark debate and awareness about the role of streets in the life of Cape Town.

New York Play Streets Project and 78th Play Street in this short film show the history of 78th Play Street(USA)

Playborhood (USA) – Mike Lanza’s one-man campaign to bring back neighbourhood play.

Seattle Play Streets (USA) – Resident-led street play supported by the local authority, you can read more about it here.

Rae Street Play Street (Western Australia) Facebook page for a street pioneering street play in Vincent. They have created a short video here.

Spielen auf der Gudvanger Strase (Germany) – one street spearheading the campaign for play streets in Berlin.

Rue de L’avenir (France) – ‘Streets for children, streets for all’

Tokyo Play (Japan) – After visits to us in Bristol and to street play projects in London, street play comes to Tokyo!

Earth Day (Canada) Encouraging street play in communities across Canada. You can read about the pilot in Toronto here.

Ghent Living Streets (Belgium) Giving residents the opportunity to create the street of their dreams. Research shows the increase in children’s activity levels when streets are closed.

European Network of Child Friendly Cities Inspiration from around the world.

Free Range Kids Lenore Skenazy’s great and sometimes polemic blog about the fear-culture impacting children’s lives.

Streetsblog On-line community and blog for people wanting to make streets safer and more sustainable in various US cities.

Via Recreativa In Guadalajara, Mexico they have been closing roads to traffic on a regular basis since 2014 – La Via Es De Todos.

aProCh are working to create a child-friendly city in Ahmedabad, India where every child has the freedom to explore, derive fun and joy, and more.

You can find links to academic and other research papers and publications on our research and articles page. Please do let us know if you know about other useful and inspiring organisations, projects and blogs for us to link to. If you want to take action to change things for children, there’s lots you can do to from tiny, on-line actions to small, real, personal actions to bigger community ones.

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