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On-line talks – by us and others – to inspire thinking about childhood, play, streets and shared public space:

Save Childhood Summit 2013

Alice and Ingrid present Playing Out at the Save Childhood Movement Flourish Summit meeting in London, 2013. Watch Here

TEDx Bedford

Alice from Playing Out speaks about changing your streets for play at the 2013 Bedford TEDx …. Watch Here

Bristol Green Talks 2011

Alice and Amy introduce Playing Out at the Bristol Green Talks 2011

Amy Rose - Create Gloucestershire

Artist in residence Amy Rose was asked to speak on Arts and Leadership at the Create Gloucestershire’s birthday celebration in December 2013.  Here is a video of her talk about her process as an artist in residence for Playing Out and some of the complexities posed by pursuing socially engaged arts within an organisational context.

New York's streets? - not so mean any more

New York City’s transport commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan talks about projects which have changed street life in the city.  A very interesting look at changing a city for all users, in ways that are creative and relatively cheap.  No mention of play.. but interesting in terms of creating the conditions for it.  Watch it here

Griffin Longley -TEDx

A strong and entertaining plea for all of us to relax a bit about children’s safety.  Watch it here

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