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Playing Out webinars

Since March 2020, we’ve been running a series webinars on topics linked to children being able to play outside safely in their neighbourhood.

These are open to parents, residents, activists, community and local authority professionals – anyone who is interested! Please follow the links below to register your interest. Previous webinars are also listed below and you can re-watch any of these.

Upcoming webinars

Future Topics
  • For residents: How to get your council on board
  • Permanent play streets – the next step to enabling children’s freedom
  • Community-led street changes and tactical urbanism – with the ‘Tactical Urbanistas‘ and Sustrans

Previous webinar recordings

Supporting residents to run play streets, making them open to all

Click here for the full recording.

Tuesday 4 May
How to support residents to make play streets happen, especially in areas of disadvantage.

children cycling and scooting in road
Play streets for covid recovery

Click here for the full recording.

Thursday 25 March
Find out why play streets are so needed for children’s health, wellbeing and a positive community-focussed recovery this summer. This webinar is for councils, community organisations and activists.

George Monbiot
Playing Out meets George Monbiot

Click here for the full recording.
Click here to read reflections on the webinar by researcher Dr Wendy Russell.

Thursday 8 October
Playing Out in conversation with writer and activist George Monbiot
Hear our Co-directors and George Monbiot discussing children’s freedom to play, safer streets, community participation, and more!

play street
Resident workshop - How to run a play street

Click here for the full recording

Saturday 11 July
With the friendly team at Playing Out and other parent/ resident play street organisers. 
Learn how to run a play street from start to finish from the comfort of your living room!

rainbow chalk on play street
How to promote play streets - for councils and organisations

Click here for the full recording

Thursday 25 June
With resident activators from Play.Meet.Street in North Tyneside and Playing Out.
How can you best promote play streets to reach parents and other residents across your local authority?

Getting your play street policy right for residents

Click here for the full recording.

Thursday 18 June
Q&A with Leeds Council Senior Engineer Gary Pritchard
How can councils use this time to ensure their play street policy is simple, accessible and supportive for residents?

Play Streets and School Streets: Why, when and how?

Click here for the full recording

Monday 8 June
With speakers from Sustrans and local authority partners; Tameside, Leeds and Southampton

Q&A document here

Making streets safer now and for the future

Click here for the full recording

Tuesday 5 May
With speakers from Lambeth Council, Sustrans, Newcastle University, Cycling UK & Playing Out

Managing streets during lockdown

Our co-director Alice spoke at this webinar organised by Urban Design London, click here to watch the full recording.

Friday 15 May

Other speakers included Dan Johnson (Placemaking), Dinah Bornat (ZCD Architects) and John Allison (StreetGym) 

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