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Local Authority Street Play Toolkit

Playing Out has created a toolkit that summarises what we’ve learnt on how local authorities across the UK successfully promote and support street play in their areas.

As a non-profit organisation we need to cover our costs and ensure that we can continue to provide free resources for residents and support for local authorities. So there is a small charge of £40 for a copy of the document. If you would like to order a printed and pdf copy, please get in touch with us: hello@playingout.net.

Buying a copy gives you the right to print your own copies for use within your own organisation only. Please ask colleagues in other authorities to get in touch with us.

Toolkit Table of Contents

  1. A Street Play Vision for your area
  2. Laying the Foundations: a checklist
  3. Putting a street play policy in place
  4. Promoting street play: what you need to know
  5. Important Information (branding and copyright, kit, thoughts on public liability insurance, example leaflets, free material for you to link to.)