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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK.

Find out what’s happening where you live and if there are streets already playing out. We know that there are many active streets not listed here so please let us know of anything you are doing so we can add it to the map. You can also check our Local Authority Directory to see if your council has a street play policy yet.

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What’s happening in Norfolk?

Thanks to a wonderful group of residents campaigning for play streets in Norfolk, the county council have agreed to allow residents to close their streets to cars on World Car Free day on 20 September 2020. See the link here to apply. 

Although Norfolk County Council don’t currently have a general application for street play, they have recently committed to creating one for residents to play out all year round.

Some streets have already played out in Norwich.

You can join the local Norfolk Playing Out facebook group and support them – the more people who get involved the better!

Playing Out has advice on how to lobby your council. If you want any more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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