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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK.

Find out what’s happening where you live and if there are streets already playing out. We know that there are many active streets not listed here so please let us know of anything you are doing so we can add it to the map. You can also check our Local Authority Directory to see if your council has a street play policy yet.

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What’s happening in Southampton?

Play streets are really taking off in Southampton  – they’ve had 25 streets apply to play out since June 2019! You can apply to close your street for play in Southampton using the Community Street Closure application process, and they will provide free signage, hi-viz, whistles and kids bikes to make sure your play street runs nice and smoothly.

Watch this fantastic video made by Southampton City Council, a great example of what can happen on your street!

This article is about a play street facilitated by Sholing Child Friendly Streets Project in December 2018 Southampton.

Sustrans are supporting school streets in Southampton and there are two lovely videos of them here and here. 


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