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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK

We’re adding a pin for every area where parents, residents, a community organisation or the council (and ideally, all of them together) are starting to change things for children through play streets and related ideas. The movement is growing! See what’s happening near you and tell us if there’s anything to add. If you’re interested in starting a play street or in any other action to support children playing out, do get in touch – we can help.


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What’s happening in Wigan?

There have been some residents interested in organising street play in Wigan. Wigan council doesn’t have a street play application for residents, but it does have a process for applying to run a street party. You could use this process to trial a one-off play street and then try to build the case for them to develop a play street application.

To find out more about getting your council on board, click here.  If you want to get things started here, let us know and we will help you any way we can!

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