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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK

We’re adding a pin for every area where parents, residents, a community organisation or the council (and ideally, all of them together) are starting to change things for children through play streets and related ideas. The movement is growing! See what’s happening near you by entering the name of your local authority (council) in the box below. Tell us if you want to get something started in your area – or if there’s anything to add to our map!


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What’s happening in Hackney?

Hackney was the second area of the country to adopt playing out sessions in a big way. There are currently over 30 streets that have regular sessions!

The council is very supportive of street play and residents can apply, free of charge, for temporary road closures up to once a week. Applications are made on a simple form and residents need to collect signatures on a petition. You can also download this guidance for Hackney residents consulting on and applying for a Play Street produced by Hackney Play Association.

If you live in Hackney and are interested in getting playing out sessions going where you live, you can contact Hackney Play Streets, a Hackney Play Association project funded by Hackney Council and in partnership with Playing Out CIC. You could also join the Hackney Facebook group to get in touch with others interested in street play in the borough.

The Hackney Gazette covered the launch of the Hackney play streets.

Watch this wonderful heart-warming film about Hackney Play Streets made by Hackney Council and Hackney Play Streets and produced by Motherbrown films. The film features children, parents, carers, stewards, teachers and drivers and shows the benefits of playing out in the street spaces across the borough.

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