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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK

We’re adding a pin for every area where parents, residents, a community organisation or the council (and ideally, all of them together) are starting to change things for children through play streets and related ideas. The movement is growing! See what’s happening near you by entering the name of your local authority (council) in the box below. Tell us if you want to get something started in your area – or if there’s anything to add to our map!


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What’s happening in Sheffield?

Currently residents in Sheffield have been using the street party application process to arrange play street sessions. You can download the form and guidance from the council website.

We know a couple of streets in Sheffield have held street play sessions, the first in 2013!

Local street organiser Luke from Nether Edge is happy to share his experience (and sample letters) with anyone else interested in getting a street play session going on their street – you can email him here.



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