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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK

We’re adding a pin for every area where parents, residents, a community organisation or the council (and ideally, all of them together) are starting to change things for children through play streets and related ideas. The movement is growing! See what’s happening near you by entering the name of your local authority (council) in the box below. Tell us if you want to get something started in your area – or if there’s anything to add to our map!


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What’s happening in Westminster?

Several streets have played out in Westminster, most recently as part of World Car Free day 2019, and the council are ambitious to improve things for children in this area, through their Active Streets programme.

The council are working on putting a policy in place at the moment and will update as soon as we hear. In the meantime you can contact them on 020 7641 2012 or

If you want to start a play street in Westminster and you need some help or get stuck, do contact us!

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