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See how the street play movement is growing across the UK

We’ve added a pin for every area where parents, residents, a community organisation or the council (and ideally, all of them together) are starting to change things for children through play streets and related ideas. The movement is growing! See what’s happening near you by entering the name of your local authority (council) in the box below. For more support on play streets and to connect with the play streets movement see here.

Please note: these pages were last updated in summer 2024.

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What’s happening in Braintree?

We know that this council has been interested in supporting resident led Play Streets. There is a street party application process you could use to pilot a one off session, click here for more information.

If you know of anything happening in Braintree, or if you would like to get street play started in your area, contact us here. Take a look at tips for getting your council on board!

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