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Activator Day

A space for play street activators to come together to learn, share stories and feel valued as an integral part of the movement to grow street play in the UK

A small child is chalking on a street, the words Children Playing are written on the street surface and behind the child are some mini toy traffic cones

Are you passionate about children’s right to play out in the streets where they live?

Would you like to get more involved and change things for children? Would you like to be part of the growing movement and meet other street play enthusiasts? Have you set up a group to promote street play in your area, or are you thinking about it?

If you’re a parent, resident, community worker or activist interested in street play, come and join us for our annual Activator Day. Our most recent Activator Day was held in Bristol on Saturday 14th October 2023 and was a great success!

As well as an opportunity to meet other activators, the day was a chance to come together to hear valuable insights and stories to support and inspire. We left feeling encouraged, valued – and a little bit playful!

Please note for future events: If travel/accommodation costs are a barrier to attending we may be able to help.

Feedback from past events:

“A supportive day with good advice and lots of support and ideas to help and motivate us all to keep going.” 

“Fabulous reaffirmation of my connection to the wonderful playing out movement, reinvigorating my energy and generating new ideas and excitement. After all these years, I’m still benefitting from the inspiration these events offer.” 

Inspirational to meet the team and activators from across the country and to remember how much has been achieved over the last 10 years.” 

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