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Helpful kit

If you’re planning to hold playing out sessions regularly, you’ll need some basic kit to make it safe and legal.

Road closure signs and barriers

In order to close your street safely and legally, check with your local council what they require you to use in the way of formal signage, cones or other barriers. Some councils supply these to streets for free, which is great.

In Bristol, we use flexible ‘road closed’ signs which fit over traffic cones, but you can also use signs tied onto wheelie bins, like in this photo –>

Lots of companies sell these online, or they can be ordered from our street play kit provider below.

Street play kit

We also have a lovely street play kit for sale, to go along with the formal road closure signs that are a legal requirement, with lots of other fun and useful bits and pieces. Ideally you would get your council to buy a batch or find a local funding pot to pay for them, but if you are really stuck for a way to cover the cost, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Kit contents

The Playing Out kit comes in a strong cotton bag and includes:

  • Playing Out organiser pack including manual, forms, covid safety notes, guidance for stewards.
  • Large wheelie-bin stickers x 4
  • Lanyards with whistles and laminated steward briefings x 2
  • ‘Playing Out’ logo hi-viz vests x 4
  • Posters x 10
  • Leaflets x 100
  • Long skipping rope x 1
  • Elastic for french skipping
  • Street chalk

We have partnered with the active travel social enterprise Brightkidz to sell play street kits and related signage. Visit the shop.

Road open for play signs

You can also order a lovely Road Open For Play sign – please note these are to be used in addition to the official Road Closed signs, not instead of them!


'Road open for play' sign, available in our Brightkidz shop

Buy kits and signs

Visit the shop

To find out more about organising playing out sessions, see Playing Out in Four Simple Steps or to read the experiences of other people opening their streets for play see our Blog. There are also lots of other ways you can support children to play out more.