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2. Have a vision

Decide where you are aiming for with your play street project but start small

What are you aiming for? Keep it simple to start with.

Maybe you want three or four pilot streets in the first year to help you get established, then you will have a larger target for the second year and so on. In the longer term you may want to find additional funding to support the scheme e.g. to buy street closure kits, promote the scheme or to fund some hands-on support for residents in disadvantaged areas. Many areas around the country have done this.

Since Bristol City Council pioneered the Temporary Play Street Order in 2011, over 250 street communities have taken it up, which is more than 1% of all streets in the city. This means the scheme has benefitted around 7,500 children and 3,750 adults. Something to aim for!

Your vision may be translated into a policy document (download template here) which sits behind the implementation. This can be reviewed by the steering group several times a year, as well as dealing with any practical issues that arise.