Info for councils

4. Launch your policy

Congratulations you have a policy – now let everyone know!

Publish your webpage, put the word out there and find some interested parents and residents to get the scheme established. Signpost them to our website – four simple steps is a good place to start, and help them prepare e.g. consult their neighbours, deal with any objections, complete the forms.

Support them closely and attend their first session or two, so that you learn how it works and can advise future applicants. Once play streets are established on one or two streets, invite key councillors and local press to a session, to cement the understanding and spread the word!

Need more info?

Join our forum, or contact a play street beacon council.

You can also watch our webinar recording on ‘getting your play street policy right for residents‘, featuring an interview with Senior Engineer at Leeds City Council, Gary Pritchard.


Make it a success!

Having a simple application process is a great start – but you’ll need to do more if you want lots of streets playing out. Find out here how to make your scheme a success.