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Local groups and community organisations

Promoting the idea and supporting more streets to start playing out is best done locally by people who know their community well.

This could be an existing community group or local organisation like a play association or residents’ association or – as has happened in some places – a local Playing Out group set up by resident activators. We can provide training and guidance for any groups or organisations who want to support resident-led street play locally. Please get in touch and let us know what you are thinking.

Local organisations supporting street play include:

  • Play Wales are working to support the playing out movement in Cardiff and beyond.
  • Hackney Play Association have a street play project, offering peer-support to residents.
  • London Play are supporting local authorities and streets in London to play out.

Some existing local ‘Playing Out’ groups:

If you want to take action as an individual to help children play out more there are also plenty of ways you can get involved.

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