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Parent and resident stories

“How and why I got playing out sessions going where I live.” People from around the UK give their experiences of playing out and what it has brought their communities.


Julia Sang and her two children
Julia in Cambridge

Julia is a mum with two children living in Cambridge. This is the story of her one-woman campaign to change council policy and make play streets easier for all residents across Cambridgeshire. Read more here…

Lucy in Peckham - during Covid-19

“Several parents said that it felt much safer for their children to be distancing on our street than in the local parks, which have been really busy.” Read more…

Emma in Hull

“As the road closure signs went out, the children screamed out with utter delight. Within minutes kids were bringing bikes out, water guns were squirting and the whole street was alive!” Read more…

Rob in Tring, Hertfordshire

“Resolving objections is part of what makes a community. All kinds of streets around the world are making this happen. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to do it?” Read more…

Huma in Bristol

“If I can do this, anyone can! I only came to this country from India 11 years or so ago, so I am very proud of what I have done on my street!” Read more…


Raquel in Liverpool

“I want my son to have the fantastic memories I have of playing out unsupervised and creating imaginary worlds with my friends.” Read more…

Toni in Cardiff

“Children need to feel comfortable in their neighbourhoods and learn from each other, young and old. I didn’t want my children being raised solely cooped up in the back garden or driven to every park/ social gathering.” Read more here…

Holly in Stockport

“Some of us have young families, some teenagers, some grandchildren and others only adult children.. But we all want to improve things for the whole community.” Read more here…Holly in Stockport

Ellie in Bristol

“Over the years, many cups of tea were drunk, ice pops consumed, water pistol fights fought, bikes ridden, skateboards fallen off and conversations had. Here’s how playing out changed our street for good…” Read more here…

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