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Support for play streets

We have a huge amount of information, guidance, advice, stories and films on this website – built up over 15 years of supporting residents, community organisations and councils to take action around play streets.

Some good starting point links are below. For more peer to peer support, you might also want to join our Facebook group, a supportive community of parents and residents across the UK and a great place to ask any questions about play streets.

What’s happening near you
Info for councils
Toolkit for community organisations
How to organise a play street
Materials and resources
Stories from parents

Until the end of August 2024, our small staff team in Bristol will continue to actively support play streets nationally, responding to enquiries and offering direct support to individuals and organisations.

From September, we will no longer have a staff team supporting play streets in this way (see play streets update) but, as well as all the free information and resources available on this website, there will be other ways to get more personal peer-support and advice.

Playing Out support until end of August 2024

If you’ve wanted to get in touch for a while or if you could do with a chat about play streets in your area – now is the time! Contact [email protected] for a meeting.

Are you an Activator?

Come to an online meet up in July (email [email protected] for details/ to register/ get the link) – to meet others, get connected and inspired!

Complete our very short survey to tell us what you need from the movement/ network.

Are you from a council or community organisation?

Complete our very short survey about what support you need.

And/or come to our online forum sessions, details below – email [email protected] for joining details:

Weds 12 June 10 – 11.30am – with speaker Annali Grimes, play street activator and community facilitator who will tell us about her work supporting play streets in Bristol with communities facing disadvantages

Weds 31 July 10am – details TBC

Looking for local support?

Check our map page for your area.

In Bristol we have a wonderful Activator on the ground called Annali – for all types of support contact her on [email protected] or 07894 996867

Peer-support from September

Here’s how you can get connected with others and find the support you need:

Join our online forum – new contact details TBC (for now email Lucy as above)

Join a Whatsapp or Facebook group (national or local) – details coming very soon!

Check out these areas of our website:

What’s happening near you?

For residents

For community or third sector organisations

For councils

For Activators