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On your doorstep

Ways to help children play outside close to home, wherever you live

The space right outside your front door – on your own street or estate – is important for children. It’s where you first experience the outside world and ‘community’ as well as being the start and end of every journey.

Being able to play out can really help to make these things positive for children as they grow up, as well as helping them to be active, make friends, have fun, learn, and grow in independence. Right where they live, with no special trips, on public land we all own. And all for free, with adults close by.

This is the vision anyway! And it used to be the wonderful norm for most of us who grew up in the 80s and earlier. It’s much harder now, with many more challenges, especially increased traffic. But there are things – big or small – you can do to make it possible for children where you live. We can offer lots of support to get you started.